What is Zelda "Winter Nuts" Cash?

Zelda "Winter Nuts" Cash is a STABLESPREAD/USDC_18DEC synthetic token on the Ethereum network, powered by the UMA Protocol. Users can mint these tokens by putting up USDC collateral and minting Zelda "Winter Nuts" Cash.

Why trade a STABLESPREAD/USDC_18DEC synthetic?

We are currently going through a rapid growth of innovation in the stablecoin space, both on Ethereum and other chains as well. Each of these have different quirks around how they plan to maintain their target peg: some reasonable and some not-so-reasonable. Now, it is seamless to express your view around which basket of stablecoins (Eth vs Non-Eth) will hold their peg better, relatively speaking! If you think non-Eth stablecoins will outperform Eth stablecoins then buy STABLESPREAD, else sell! We haven't seen another product on-chain that lets you express your view on the divergence of two baskets of stablecoins, so we hope you enjoy this :). See more information on our UMIP.

Who are we?

We are Bae & K from YouMyChicFilA.

Our goal is to bring non-Ethereum based synthetic assets to Ethereum so that you can express your views in a DeFi native way. We believe building on UMA is a seamless way to do so.

Please send us your feedback, or any favorite fried chicken recipes, at bae [at] youmychicfila.com or k [at] youmychicfila.com.

Stay Spicy,

Bae & K