Zelda "Reinforced" Cash has been discontinued.

Future for YouMyChic-fil-A

We're not sure what the future will hold, but what we can promise is that we will continue to build at a rapid pace, faster than any other folks building on top of UMA. In just under a few days of being released, Mario.Cash peaked at a TVL of ~1 million dollars, and we believe this Stablespread product is one that can't be found anywhere else in the DeFi ecosystem. We want to see the whole space grow and have been giving feedback on a variety of UMIPs (one, two, three). We are event-driven at heart, embedded deeply within a variety of DeFi ecosystems across a variety of chains (iykyk), and are actively looking for folks to join us to help build both products and communities.

We like to reward often and generously. Effective immediately, we will be doing a 50% retroactive drop to pass back all the rewards received to the folks who minted and LP'd Mario Cash. Hit us up on Discord and share your experience and anything we could do to improve, and we will up it to 100%. There will be a lot more announced (and unannounced) rewards in the near future: everything from dapp mining, mixtapes, global community engagement, and as always, favorite fried chicken recipes*.

We also do not forget. Our earliest supporters will always be the ones who are the most rewarded. We dream big. Whether we eventually transition into a DAO-like entity, or bootstrap on other ecosystems, our earliest addresses will always come with us <3.

* You know who you are, reply back to the chicken email you sent us and we'll make it worth your time :).