Zelda "Elastic" Cash has been discontinued.

Current Zelda "Elastic" Cash Rewards



You can earn yields of 40-80% APY given the current GCR for Zelda "Elastic" Cash and with the *same* collateral you use for UMA's yield dollar synthetics, with similar amounts of risk. Furthermore, you only have to provide liquidity in the Balancer pool (same as yield dollars). Whether you mint and provide liquidity or buy from the pool and re-add liquidity — doesn't matter to us! One strict improvement for the liquidity provider is that we have 95/5 Balancer Pools rather than a 50/50 Balancer Pool, which increases your yields even more!

Lastly, we reward early adopters. When we release our next synth in the first week of January (or earlier) there will be a bonus yield for the first minters of Zelda "Elastic" Cash.

What is the current yield for Zelda "Elastic" Cash?

Glad you asked. We value transparency first, and as such, you can see it directly on our home page. We're a little surprised it's *so* difficult to find an accurate yield for the other synthetics on top of UMA. This isn't our first rodeo in the DeFi ecosystem: we know what you want to see.

How do I earn this yield?

It's the same as the yield dollars- you have to provide Zelda "Elastic" Cash in the Balancer pool. Whether you want to mint Zelda "Elastic" Cash and provide liquidity, or buy from the pool and re-add: doesn't matter to us! Last note, our yield will nearly always be higher than the uLabs yield dollars since we split at least the same percentage of the developer mining rewards as they do *and* we have better capital efficiency from Balancer liquidity pool provision.

I'm used to yield dollars, why should I switch over?

So many reasons. Primary ones are:

  1. Our yield is much higher for the same collateral and same risk.

  2. Our GCR is currently lower. This makes a huge difference for you! If you don't know what we mean by this, reach out and we'll explain. The GCRs for the other synthetics are highly subpar right now and based on our historical analyses, they don't get much better! DYOR.

  3. We have a 95/5 Balancer pool which will increase capital efficiency for the liquidity provider, way nicer than the 50/50 pools we keep seeing. Also, our pool reduces impermanent loss (IL) more than other pools do!

Do you reward early adopters?

  1. First 400k Zelda "Elastic" Cash minted and provided liquidity in the Balancer pool will get 80% of Developer mining rewards in perpetuity until the contract expires. This is way higher than any other synth on UMA.

  2. Next 400k Zelda "Elastic" Cash minted and provided liquidity in the Balancer pool will get 70% of developer mining rewards.

  3. Next 1.2M Zelda "Elastic" Cash minted and provided liquidity in the Balancer pool will get 60% of developer mining rewards.

  4. After that, the rewards will be 50%. Applicable to everyone, regardless of whether you minted and provided liquidity in the Balancer pool or directly bought from the Balancer pool and then provided liquidity.

To be clear, if you are in the 60% bucket, 60% of the developer mining rewards that is received to the EMP due to your Zelda "White Sword" cash (not anyone else's), we will give 60% of those rewards back.

If you provide the same amount (or more) of liquidity in the Mario cash balancer pool as you did Zelda "Elastic" Cash, we will give you an additional +5-10% on top of your percentage of developer mining rewards. For example, if you were getting 80% on Zelda "Elastic" Cash dev mining rewards, now you'll get 90%!

Keep in mind that if someone in the Balancer pool buys Zelda "Elastic" Cash from you, then that decreases *your* Zelda "Elastic" Cash that is available for rewards.

What other rewards can we get?

Glad you asked. We are in the process of getting Mario Cash and Zelda "Elastic" Cash whitelisted by Balancer so that you will get additional rewards for the liquidity you are providing!

We also build at hyperspeed. We've shipped out two synthetics in the first four weeks since we learned about UMA's program. We have another one coming up in a week, and many more after that. For each of these, you *will* get bonus rewards for participating in our earlier synthetics.

How can I get involved?

We're actively looking for folks to help with engagement in communities globally. We have already started to reward folks who have reached out via e-mail for mario.cash. We also are looking for new mixtapes, UIs, simulations of risk, etc. We will formally announce a dapp mining program later on. Reach out to us via e-mail, Discord, or Twitter.

How safe is Zelda "Elastic" Cash?

We have utilized the same audited templates released by UMA to deploy our EMP contracts. We also spent a considerable amount of time testing our web app as well as robustness of our calculations that we display. Lastly, we have spent time simulating the optimal collateral ratios, yield, balancer pool fees, and weights of the AMM pool. We also spent some time simulating other products' properties, and it was not clear to us how much time other teams have put into running simulations of their parameters, but we believe this is critical to the success of the synthetic.

What's the future look like?

See our Future section to find out more.